Today, August 22, 2010 is our 23rd Wedding Anniversary!

In case you are wondering why I missed a day of posting…it was because I was on a motorcycle road trip up to Lake George, NY.  I’m going to share a little of my trip with you so that you will see some of the beauty that I did and meet some of the best friends a gal could have!  Special thanks to Joan and Tim (aka Hazel) for the mapping out of the route for the trip! 

It all started on Wednesday, August 18, 2010.  We left home at about 7:30 am and headed north to pick up the first couple, Bart & Sue.  We then proceeded to meet Joan and Tim.  We ventured on every back road you can possibly imagine.  We finally arrived in Lake George after 4:00 pm.  This first picture is the view from our motel room.

Since most of the day on Wednesday was spent travelling, we decided to park the bikes and explore the Village of Lake George.  We visited Duffy’s Tavern and enjoyed some burgers and beer.  We hit a couple of other hot spots in the village and then meandered back to the motel. 
Thursday morning we rose to another beautiful sunny day and a 100 mile ride up to Ticonderoga and the surrounding area.  Here are a few pics:
Tim, Joan, Bart, Sue, ME, hubby Paul

After our 100 mile journey, we stopped at a butt-kickin’ BBQ restaurant called the Barnsider and enjoyed a scrumptous BBQ meal.  We then headed back to the hotel to have a party on the deck. 

Me Sue & Joan

Bart, Tim & hubby Paul

Every Thursday night there are fireworks on the Lake and we had front row seats! 

Friday was a full-day of riding home.  We decided to take a real scenic route and wound up driving on the Mohawk Trail.  It was some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen!  We stopped at the summit and posed for one last pic!

So, I am now home from Lake George, NY!  To sum it up….
642 miles, 5 Restaurants, 4 Harleys, 3 Couples, 2 Nights, 1 Awesome Trip!!  Life is good!
……..Until Tomorrow!

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