Hey everyone!  I sure hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have!  I can not believe it is over!  Saturday was our final day and what a day it was!  Have you ever seen 125 women all dressed in bright pink bowling shirts, all in the same place?  It is quite comical I must say!

After being on the bus for a short time, we arrived at the Dixie Convention Center in St. George, UT.  Of course we were a bit confused, as most of us thought we were going bowling.  Turns out we were!  Just a different type of bowling!  We were there to play bowling Wii style!  I was a bit afraid, as I have never even held a Wii controller!  They had 12 X-lge screens set up in the convention center and we played in our team of 8 (the groups we were put in from the first day).  There were prizes for highest overall team score, lowest team score, most strikes, and most gutter balls.

Here is a photo of my team!  Love these girls!  Back row:  Me, Dianna Gibbs, Tammi Ackerson, Kim Peck, Meg Daves / Front:  Cindy Bauman, Caroline LeBiel, and Fanny Trapenier

The convention center was decorated…of course!  Here are some FABULOUS pics!

We enjoyed a great BBQ lunch and then there were incredible dessert.  Here is a picture of Shelli sharing her desserts with us!  lol  I found this hysterical.  She can never decide which dessert to have so she gets one of each and takes one bite only from each so she can share the rest!  She chose us to share it with!

After the final event, we were bussed back to the hotel.  Another gorgeous pillow gift awaited us.  Usually they are delivered much later in the evening but seeing as we were all out of the hotel for our event, it was perfect timing for the SU! gift fairies to deliver the goods!

Inside this pretty pink box was one of the most gorgeouse sweaters I have ever gotten!

It is charcol in color and is ribbed with the early espresso stripped grossgrain ribbon.  When unbuttoned it is adorned with the vintage lace that is in the IB&C!  To finish it off, look carefully at the sleeve.  It is a REAL rubber stamp with the SU! logo!

I thought I would share a couple of other pictures with you to cap off this event!  Here is a picture of Patty Bennett and I!  Just LOVE her stuff!

My final loot pile!  OMG!

As if we weren’t exhausted enough we all went to the Tuachan Outdoor Ampitheater to enjoy a performance of Crazy For You!  Here are a couple of pics!

This first one is me, Kristyne Brandt, Jacque Craig and Dawn Rapsas.  The 2nd pic is just one of the performance that I took from my seat.

I hope that you have enjoyed this final post from Founder’s Circle and next year I hope and pray that I will return to the top 100 and have a member of my team to join me!!

                    …………………….  Until Tomorrow!

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