What an awesome time!  I so want you to join me next year!!!

Today (Thursday) was a jam-packed day!!  We had to rise really early and be at the convention center for 7:30 am!  Opening session started at 8:00 am sharp!  Luckily for me, I didn’t have to stand in the really long line to get my Leadership “Bag”!  When we returned from Manager’s Reception last night, they gave them to us ahead of time!!!  What a treat!  I TOTALLY LOVE it!!!! It is so practical!

 It’s Vera Bradley meets Stampin’ Up!  It is absolutely beautiful!


Ok, so who can tell me what you recognize here?  Color? Design?  The person with the most correct responses will win a prize!!!!  Email me!!

Because I am an incentive trip earner, I get a special “perk”!  This is my own Service Account Manager.  I stopped by the SAM booth and you will never believe what I received! ,…………

I received this gorgeous matching planner book!  It matches my purse!!!!!!  Can you say excited?!

After general session, we went to classes all day.  Have I got some great stuff to share with you all!!!!  Last class ended at 5:15.  This was followed by an amazing dinner…courtesy of Stampin’ Up!  We are treated like royalty!!  Here are some pics of dinner.  It is awesome to see how 1,250 people can be served dinner at the same time.

I promised you yesterday some pictures of the hotel.  Here they are!

 This is the area where our room is (Delta Concourse)

This is the entrance to the Convention Center portion of the resort. 

I can’t leave you without your daily dose of inspiration!

After dinner, we were given a box of supplies to create cards.  Each of us at our table had to create a card on our own.  When we were done, we had to vote on one card to represent our table in a competition to be judged by Shelli (Founder and CEO of SU!) tomorrow!  Here are all of the cards created by our table!

This one is mine!

Which one do you like best?

I couldn’t believe it!  My table voted for mine!  Now I have to wait and see how we do!  I will keep you posted!

………. Until tomorrow!

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