Well, what a wonderful treat for you all today!!!  While I was away watching a Roller Derby Bout on Sunday, my incredible daughter Katelyn sent me a message!  She said: “Mom, wait till you see what I made!”  I was thinking she finally learned how to cook something!  She is 21 after all and should be able to cook up something!

When I arrived home, she had already driven back to college but she left me a note and her “made” creation!  Here is what I found….

She found a picture somewhere and thought the bugs were the cutest ever so she made her way into my stamp room and punched away.  She told me today, “you didn’t have everything I needed so I did the best I could!”  Can you believe that?!!!  I think they are awesome!!  I love her note!
So, I will be busy making these beautiful works of art into two birthday cards for her to give her friends at college!
……………….Until tomorrow!

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