Hello stamping friends and followers!  Today I am sharing a MDS Memory Book!  My daughter Katelyn, who many of you have met here on the blog….or in person, called me less than a week ago and asked, “Mom, you know those great books you have made for me? Could you make one to be a memory or guest book for our Dean of dance?  Oh, and by the way, I need in in two weeks!”

After further probing, I found that the Dean of the Dance School @ DEAN college is stepping down as the Dean and the college community is having a reception for her on April 26th.  What Katelyn is looking for is a memory book for everyone to write in so that the Dean will have it as a memory forever!  Needless to say I got busy and within 1-1/2 hours I created a great book!  I thought I would share it with you all!

So, the possibilities are endless with MDS!  Think about it…wouldn’t it be great to have a guest book like this for a wedding?  The background pages could be pics of the bride and groom!  How about a memory book like this for a baby shower?  Everyone could write words of wisdom for the mom to be!

Got any other ideas?  Post them for us all to see!!!

………Until tomorrow!

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