Well, today is the day that I have been waiting for for almost a year!!!  As you are reading this, we are on our way to Seattle, Washington to get our cruise ship and sail away to Alaska!!!  I am so excited, I barely slept a wink.  This is one of the trips on my bucket list and the fact that I get to go for FREE, courtesy of Stampin’ Up! is absolutely incredible!

I thought I would give you a little itinerary so that you will know where I am each day.  I am not sure what my internet coverage is going to be like so I may not be able to blog live!  Rest assured, I will post via my facebook page at a minimum so at least you will see some of the highlights!

I found the picture below on Celebrity Cruises website and it is one of the sights that I MUST see!  I want to see the whales!! (If I don’t, at least I will have this picture! lol)

In addition to whales, Alaska is very much known for all of its wild life.  I thought that today’s card sample was a perfect one!  It was created by Sue D. from Moosup, CT.

I noticed that many of the excursion options include visiting the nesting places of the eagles, so I thought I would share this with you today!

Well, gotta go!  Chat soon!

………..Until tomorrow!

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