Hey stamping friends!  Last Monday, we arrived in Juneau, Alaska when our cruise ship docked.  Again we were greeted to another bright day!  We even got the sun to shine!!  In Juneau we decided there were two things we just had to see; 1.  The Mendenhaul Glacier and 2. Whales.  I was not able to get an excursion booked on the ship (they were all sold out)!  I was really upset by this but decided that one way or the other I was going to do what I set out to do!  We caught a shuttle into the center of town and what to my wondering eyes did appear but little booths containing a person in each trying to sell excursions!  I decided we would play Let’s Make A Deal!  Let’s just say, I was able to do all that I wanted and saved almost $150 by buying it there and not on the ship!

We took a bus to the Glacier first.  It was absolutely amazing!  Here are some of our adventure:

We were able to hike right up to the Glacier!  The blue color that you see in these pictures is REAL!  This really was the colors present that day!

Below is one of Paul & I at the waterfall right next to the glacier.

After visiting the glacier we were treated to several hour out on the Pacific Ocean for a whale watching journey.  We were able to see Orcas (killer whales) and Humpback whales!  The orcas are VERY hard to photograph; however, I did get AMAZING pictures of the humpback tales and of some Stellar Sea Lions that were more than 8 feet long!

Our whale and sea lion adventure was aboard a six person boat!  It was awesome!  The captain would spot the whales, drive to the general area, and shut the motors off so that they would be closer!  We had an incredible time and I am in awe of the overwhelming sea life in the Pacific Northwest US!

I thought that today I should share a scrapbook layout that would be great for mounting all of the great wildlife pictures I got!  They even include punch art of another wild animal found in Alaska!!

Until tomorrow!
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