Can you see the grid technique used on this card?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool to help you make such a perfect grid?  Well your wishes are going to come true!  Keep your eyes and ears open….when the new Holiday Mini Catalog arrives, you will  LOVE what you see inside!

This card was created by my friend and customer, Denise B.  I love the bright cheery colors she chose.  You can’t help but smile! 🙂

Thanks for sharing it with me!

On another front, everyone has been asking what Scooby Doo has been up to lately so I thought I would give you the latest.  She has given a lot of thought (Scooby that it) about learning how to drive!  Yup, that’s right!  So much thought that she decided to give it a try!  A few days ago, Katelyn and I were going to run errands and she wanted to take Scooby with us.  I told her I didn’t want to put her in my new car so she said, “I’ll drive my car.”  So the three of us, Katelyn, Scooby, and I got into the car and off we went.  The first stop was the bank.  Katelyn got out of the car and went into the bank.  She wasn’t gone 10 seconds and Scooby was in the driver’s seat!  She got up on her back legs, put her back against the seat and put her paws on the wheel!  It was the most hysterical thing!  When Kate returned to the car, she asked Scooby to move over.  She moved about 3 inches!  Katelyn got in next to her and Scooby put on the “dead weight” routine.  I just had to snap a picture because it was so funny!  Here are the two of them trying to share the driver’s seat!

I swear she even has a smile on her face!

……….. Until tomorrow!

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