Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posting but it has been an insane week!  I travelled for 14 hours last Sunday to make my way home from St. George, Utah after an amazing 4 days with some of the best women on the planet!  When I arrived at Providence airport, I heard my name on the P.A. and immediately got a pit in my stomache!  I proceeded to the Delta baggage office to find that my checked luggage (the one with ALL of my Founder’s gifts, treats, and swaps!)  was missing!!  I thought I would die.  I pleaded with them to please be sure to find that bag as the items inside could NEVER be replaced!  Luckily for me, I returned home from school on Tuesday to find the luggage sitting on my porch!  Thank goodness someone was on my side!

Over the next several months I will be sharing some of the incredible swaps I got but for today I thought I should share the final day or so of FC with you all!  On Saturday, our final day, we were bussed to a mystery location.  To my apprehension, we arrived at the Coral Canyon Golf Course.  It was absolutely beautiful but I must tell you that my two previous experiences with golf clubs were not very good.  My first experience came shortly after my tenth birthday when I was struck in the forehead with a club and had a golf ball sized lump for weeks!  The second experience was a few years ago at the driving range.  I was NEVER able to hit it off the tee!  LOL  Anyway, luckily for me we didn’t have to do real golfing!  We had so much fun driving the carts around the course I could have cared less about the golf!  Here are some great pics from the final day!

Janet, Judy, Patty, Kristin, Linda, Cindy & ME!

Look at that form! 

How is that swing?  I wouldn’t have the foggest idea!

……………. Until tomorrow!

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