Hey Everyone!

Having an incredible time here in St. George!  Had a leisurely morning very similar to yesterday!  After my morning routine, we headed into the gathering place to find the transformation from small tea shop to really LARGE tea shop!  Who could resist all of this?

Had to take advantage of the fact that the sun was shining so brightly so I headed up to my room to change into my swim suit, grab my raft, and head out to the pool!

Me and Dawn R.

Spent the afternoon going to to demo’s houses here in Utah to stamp!!  My first stop was Jill Olsen’s.  She has been with the Company since day one, her demo number is like 5 or something crazy like that!  LOL Here are some great pics from my hours there!

After returning from Jill’s, we headed over to Susan Adams’ place.  More stamping and more food!

Don’t worry, the evening doesn’t end there!  We then had our PJ Tea Party which included swapping with 125 of my good friends!  I will share those with you tomorrow!

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