I don’t know about you, but for me it isn’t about the gift as much as it is the packaging!  For as many years as I have been stamping, my husband still can’t believe the number of Christmas cards that I hand make, write out, and mail!  (Hint:  It is more than 100!

When I am giving a gift card or certificate, I want the packaging to be just as beautiful as one of my cards!  **REMEMER** Gift Certificates are the gift that NEVER gets returned!  I can do certificates for you in ANY amount!  Don’t hesitate to contact me!

 Today I am excited to share one of my recent gift card holder creations!! When you have purchased more than one gift card for the same person, you don’t need to create a gift card holder for each card!  Why not make one that holds them all!  That is what I did with this one!

I created a holder that will hold 3 cards!  As you can see, you could also add envelopes to the left side to hold additional cards!  I am hoping to create a video for you on this one while I am home on vacation next week!  Stay tuned for that!

to the right I have created single card holders using the same idea/design!

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