Morning everyone!  I know you haven’t heard from me for a couple of days and I hope you understand.  It is difficult to blog when you are traveling; especially when you are traveling with Stampin’ Up!  They keep you VERY busy.  The internet speed, if I could keep the connection, from our resort was terrible as well!

I wanted to share some of the last days of disney with you and I had originally thought I would  use MDS to showcase our final night event with you!  However, Katelyn needed my computer and with the busy weekend since returning, I just haven’t had time to scrap!    So you will have to settle for the pictures instead.

To give you a little background …..  SU! chartered busses from the Disney Cruise Line and bussed us all to Hollywood Studio’s.  We were taken in through the back entrance and were able to see behind the scenes of several attractions.  We were then taken into the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Theater and then entire theater was just for US!!!  Once were were all seated, the show began.  It started by having 10 demonstrators selected to be part of the show (no I was not one of them!)  They then began the show and it was acted out and stopped along the way so that they could share with us how the stunts actually happen.  To our surprise, the Indiana Jones stunt double was none other than Rick Jutkins, President of Stampin’ Up!

After then demonstrations, the entire back of the theater parted ways and behind the set was the most beautiful set up just for us!!   There were tables and chairs set with beautiful place settings for dinner!  The tables were surrounded by movie sets!  Some buildings, an Asian Market, a military base, etc.  There were “green” screens all over and we were able to go to the screens, pose, and have our photos taken.  These photos were then put into a movie scene and printed out for us!  Look closely on my scrapbook pages and you will see them.  We also had an opportunity to have photos done with Aladdin, Jasmine & Jafar, as well as Mickey and Minnie!!  What an awesome night and a trip of a lifetime!!!   THANK YOU STAMPIN’ UP!!!

Here are the last two weeks of Digital Download releases:

………….. Until tomorrow!

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