For those of you that know me, you know that I always like to see a smile on someone’s face when they are recreating something that I have made or when I do something that they like.  Well this weekend, Paul and I had the opportunity to fulfill the wish of a 90-Year Old woman from our town!  She is the mom of a friend of ours and she has been thinking about being able to ride on a Harley Davidson for her 90th birthday!  Here is an excerpt from the local newspaper (who by the way got wind of her wish and was on hand to video, photograph and journalize a story for our paper!)

Mary McShane wanted to celebrate her 90th birthday with flair — by taking a ride on the back of a motorcycle.
“I’ve been reading about all these people doing stupid things when they turn 90, so I said, ‘why not?’ ” McShane said shortly before she donned a pink-and-black leather jacket and matching helmet Saturday to take a ride on a cherry red Harley-Davidson driven by family friend Paul Chenail.
It was her second time on a motorcycle. Her first was nearly 70 years ago, when a friend zipped her across the Gold Star Memorial Bridge during a time when she worked as a cook in Groton.
“I had a ride once, back in 1943. I decided it was time for a second one,” McShane said. “You don’t forget something like that. It’s only the important things you tend not to remember.”
Saturday’s short ride was the culmination of a wish McShane expressed on her 80th birthday, when she told loved ones she’d ring in 90 from the leather seat of a hog.
Of course, for a woman whose life was built on free-spirited spontaneity (like the time she honed her archery skills by practicing in the attic of a building on the University of Connecticut campus), wanting to jump on a motorcyle didn’t come as much of a surprise for McShane’s family.

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I thought I would also include the video and some pictures from the day!

It was an awesome day and one that left me feeling happy both on the outside and on the inside!  To be able to fulfill her wish made my day!
…………… until tomorrow!

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