Morning my friends!  I just couldn’t resist sharing two items from Stampin’ Up!’s Annual Convention!  Both of which happen to be videos!  First I want to share the theme song for this year’s “I AM” theme.  I love this video because it was created using all of the employees at the home office!  They created the lyrics and had a singer record it and then used the employees to lip sync it!  It is amazing!  It includes Shelli, Sarah (Shelli’s daughter), and Sean (Sarah’s husband) as well!

In addition to the theme song, I couldn’t resist sharing the video of the highlights of convention!  I actually made the video!!  If you look around 2:49 into the video, you will see me on stage!  Thank goodness I shaved my armpits!  LOL

Thank you to ALL of you for allowing me to be your demonstrator of choice and to inspire you to create each and every day!  I truly am blessed because of all of you!

………….. until tomorrow!

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