Happy Monday everyone!  I am deviating from my regular Monday posts because I am traveling.  As you are reading this, I will be en route to Salt Lake City with several of my downline members:  Erin, Brenda, Judy, and Jenn!  I will be blogging all of the action for you so that you will know what is happening!

I thought I would share a couple of photos from our 25th Anniversary/ Tiki Party on Saturday.  Throughout the day we had more than 75 people come and go and we surprised everyone by having a Justice of the Peace present so that we could renew our wedding vows.  I shocked even my husband by wearing my original wedding gown from 25 years ago!  After our wedding I had it cleaned and put into an airtight preserved box.  I couldn’t wait to get it open to see if one, it was still in one piece (not eaten by moths), and two if it even fit!  To my shock it was sparkly white (not even a tinge of yellow) and it not only fit…it was actually too big on the top!

Well, I must try to get a few hours sleep before my flight!  I will visit with you all on Tuesday!

………. Until tomorrow!

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