Happy Monday everyone!  I want to apologize for being M.I.A. for a few days.  I have had so much going on…let me fill you in! I first have to say that I think that my life has been the craziest that it has been in  a LONG time!  For those of you who know me well, you know that I have been training on a women’s boxing team for about 6 months now.  Part of my training has gotten me into running almost every day.  The day I left Salt Lake City to fly home from convention I told the gals that I was traveling with that my right calf was really “tight” or sore.  By the next afternoon, while out for my daily run, I could not finish.  I could barely walk on my right leg.  I was convinced that I must have over-worked it and that I just needed to rest it.  I rested it for a full week!  I tried to run the following Monday and again the pain was too much.  I called the doctor and visited him last Tuesday.  It went downhill from there!  lol   I spent the majority of the day between his office and the hospital.  I had blood work, x-rays, and an ultrasound of my leg.  They found a small blood clot  behind the knee of my right leg ….or at least they thought they did.  On Thursday I had a follow-up ultrasound.  The radiologist herself even came into this one and watched the technician do her thing and the the two of them work on the leg.  Turns out I have some funky anatomy in that leg that presents itself as a blood clot when in fact it is not!  Anyway, I still have the pain in the leg!  From the very first visit with the doctor, he stated that he felt something was going on with my lower back and that is what is causing the pain in the calf.  I have since had an MRI and am now waiting for the results of that!  So as you can see, not much time for stamping and blogging this week!

Enough about all of that!  Here is an awesome project that was created using Stampin’ Up!’s brand new released MDS2!!  It was done by my pal Joan in honor of our annual motorcycle trip (which is scheduled for this week!)

Here is some info on this awesome product and upgrade!  Best thing is…you can try if for FREE for 30 days!!  I know you will LOVE it!

…..Until tomorrow!

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