The second day of Founder’s Circle brought much relaxation and sunshine!  I spent the entire day by the pool!  I had not only my breakfast but also my lunch and dinner by the pool!  I finished my 125 swap cards out at the pool too!  Let’s just say that the patio of the pool area is much more dazzling now that I have been there!

 Because we still had so much stamping to do before our big swap on Thursday night, we all worked feverishly around the pool to get the job done. We received visits from the Stampin’ Up! corporate staff to bring us treats by the pool!

In this picture to the left, Jennifer brought us ice cold water bottles to keep up hydrated.  Pam Morgan (back to you brought some fresh fruit!)

 In the photo to the right, Cory Handcock brought us veggies and dip!!

 With all of the sitting and stampin, we needed to get up and move around!  We had a great game of volleyball with a bunch of other demonstrators in the pool!

We hung outdoors for as long as we possibly could!  Finally I had to cave in and shower to get ready for our night of sharing stamping and business ideas and of course my favorite, swapping cards!

When we entered the swap/business event, we were each given one of the awesome bags you see Pam holding in this photo!  It is printed with this year’s Founder’s Circle logo and info.  It was the perfect bag for my 125 swaps!

For those of you that don’t know about the business share and swap…it is 125+ women in pajamas swapping business ideas and hand-stamped cards while we eat delicious treats prepared especially for us!

 We had multiple varieties of Rice Krispie Treats! Some regular, some with M & M’s baked in, and some with a chocolate gonosh and crushed Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on top! all YUMMY!

 I took some time to pose for special photos with my dear friend, Dawn Griffith!

 Here you can see Shelli (CEO and Co-Founder of SU!) with her daughter Sara working feverishly to finish autographing their swaps!

 Have you ever seen 125 gals lined up swapping with each other?!  It really is a sight to see!

How about 125+ demonstrators in their pajamas posing for a group photo?  PRICELESS!  Here we all are!  Can you find me in the photo?  Drop me a comment/email and I will draw a winner from anyone that picks me out!  Prize will be selected by me and sent to you!

After the PJ party, I returned to my room to find the night’s pillow gift!!!  It was an extremely soft and fluffy throw complete with a Founder’s Circle 2012 tag!

As you can see here, the loot pile is growing!  This is all FREE stuff courtesy of SU!  Man, I LOVE this Company!!

………………. Until tomorrow!

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