Hello my faithful friends!

I first want to apologize for being “away” from you for a few days!  Believe me it wasn’t by choice!  While I was in St. George, UT for my Founder’s Circle (FC) trip I had TERRIBLE internet abilities!  I was able to get on to type things but could not upload a single picture to my blog!  Talk about frustrating!  You know that I like to keep all of you in the loop with what is going on!  Since getting home at 12:15 am on Monday I have had NO time to even get at my keyboard.  I showered, got 3-1/2 hours sleep, taught school all day Monday, had one of my stamp clubs Monday night.  Pretty much repeated the same schedule on Tuesday except that I left the house at 6:30 on Tuesday am and returned at 8:30 pm because it was open house night at school!  My suitcases are all still sitting right where I left them and to top it all off, when I returned home on Monday early am, I found that my hubby tore down the wall between our kitchen and dining room…so now my house is a dusty, gritty, construction zone!!

So here I sit so that I can share with you my first day of FC fun!  Over the next several days I will share the rest of my trip….there is LOTS to share!

 After being bussed in from Las Vegas to St. George, we arrived to the welcome of the SU! corporate staff.  Our theme of this year’s event was a beach/oceanic one so the huge sign over the main entrance was truly fitting…fishing nets and all!

The gathering place was incredible of course!  The shelves were stocked with candies of all varieties and the coolers full of veggies and dip as well as lots of fruit salad!

When I reached my hotel room I was greeted by the incredible name sign to mark my living quarters for the next four days!  A miniature life preserver inscribed with the FC 2012 info and of course my name!

 Once my suitcases made it to my room, I immediately changed in my bathing suit.  For those of you that know me, you know that I LOVE the sunshine and my favorite place to be when it is warm out is either at a pool or the beach.  Luckily for me the weather was always in the 90’s during the day and I was able to spend LOTS of time in the sunshine!  My pals Connie and Dawn got busy blowing up the pool “toys” that Dawn brought to keep us occupied!

She came equipped with several beach balls and an inflatable volleyball net!  Oh what a blast we had with this!

Our welcome reception was held by the pool this year.  There is where we discovered and met the other gals that were on our team.  Following the reception we were escorted to the formal dinner to enjoy a fabulous meal!

 Our team was called the Gulf Beach girls and we arrived at our table to find a beautiful place setting for each of us.

The place setting included a gorgeous drinking glass engraved with the Founder’s Circle 2012 logo and a personalized name stamp!!

 Dinner started with a tasty appetizer of chilled tomatoes with gorgonzola cheese and a balsamic glaze with fresh basil as well as a slice of homemade corn bread with whipped butter.

 Dinner was a feast of seafood!  Alaskan crab legs, little neck clams, shrimp, steamed potatoes, and corn on the cob.

 Dessert was served in a toasty hot mini skillet!  It was a freshly made assorted berry pie ala mode!

My tablemates:

Dawn, Rolanda, Audra, Dianna, Connie, Jodi, and me!  We had a great time at dinner and getting to know each other!

After dinner, I returned to my room and of course found the first of many pillow gifts!  I can’t post an actual picture of it because it contains some incredible new products that will be coming out in our next “mini” catalog!  So you will have to be patient and wait for some samples that I will post!

To cap off our night, Dawn and I decided on a late night volleyball game!  Let me tell you…she is wicked competitive and a brutal player!  It was tough playing in the 5′ deep side of the pool when you are only 5′ tall!  LOL

………..Until tomorrow!

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