Oh my what a full day!  We left the hotel on Friday am at 7!  We headed out on the busses from St. George, UT to Kanab, UT.  This is about a 2 hour ride.  You actually leave UT and go into AZ for a bit and then back into UT.  It is quite funny because there is a 1-hour time difference between the two states and talk about messing up your watch!!

 We arrived at the Kanab facility and were greeted by ALL of the employees!  It is an amazing experience!  They cheer and clap and welcome us with high-fives and big hugs and cheers!  They are so thankful that we are there to visit them and they get to share what they do with us!  We got to tour the facility, make and package rubber stamps and we also got to see some brand new stuff that is going on at the plant!  (I wish I could tell you but I can’t…it is secret right now)!

 I got to make my annual stop at the SU! rock located on the property!  Best thing about this year’ picture is I am 24 pounds lighter!  lol

 I feel like I have been neglecting your creative side this past week so here are a couple of samples of projects on display at the Kanab office!

This one is a little “fuzzy” now that I look at it!  I can see a reflection from the class case that it is in.  Sorry about that!

When we do the tours through the manufacturing facility, they break us into smaller groups so that we can get in all of the areas, try out all of the processes, and ask as many questions as we want.  My group was Bottom:  Karen from FL, Josh the SU! HR guy, me.  Back Glenda T, Dawn G., Emily, Dawn R., and Jenny P.

Finally!  I got a decent picture with Shelli!  Not Shelli of course cuz we all know that she takes nothing but a perfect picture!  It is me I am talking about.  This photo was taken in the Gardner family apartment that is over the manufacturing facility.

This is my favorite room of the apartment…just had to share it!  This is a kitchen/dining room to die for!!  Shelli has the BEST decorating taste!

After we left the manufacturing plant, we got back on the busses and headed further south and east.  After about an hour and a half, we passed Lake Powell.  To our surprise, we ended at the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona!  The company surprised us with a 3-1/2 hour float on the Colorado River in pontoon boats!

In this picture, Dawn and I got our safety gear on for the trek down the canyon to the loading area.  I think we look pretty HOTT in these hard hats!  lol

From our boat on the river, just after leaving the dock, this is the incredible view of the dam!  Little did I know that for the next 3+ hours I would say the word A-M-A-Z-I-N-G no less than 200 times!!!!!  The views and scenery were incredible!  We were able to view much wildlife; including herons, hawks, and wild or feral horses. I learned that the Navahos tire of their horses and just leave them on the side of roads/canyons and they wander down the canyon by the water!

These were the boats we got to ride on.

Some of the incredible scenery! While we were on the boat tour, we went through a 270 degree turn called Horseshoe Bend.  It was amazing!  Just before we entered the bend, our guide showed us an aerial photo of it!  I fell in LOVE immediately.  I quickly asked if she had any copies for sale because I just HAD to have one!  Of course she didn’t but she told me that I should be able to find a photo like it on a post card…problem was we weren’t staying in AZ we were going back 3-1/2 hours to St. George! 🙁

We came across a group of people camping right on the edge of the river!  You gotta love their outdoor kitchen!  I had to take this photo because Paul would LOVE a floating kitchen like this!

Feral horses on the shore of the Colorado River

Afer finishing our boat tour, we exited the boats and were to retrieve our dinner from the SU! events team to eat on the bus ride home.  I was so delighted when I reached them and found these awesome insulated lunch “purses”!  this is what they served our dinner in!!!  We each got one!

The ride back to St. George was rather long but we were kept entertained by various demonstrators telling their horror workshop stories!  Even Shelli told some!  It was an absolute perfect day!  How could it get any better than this?

 Well here is how it gets even better! When we got back to the hotel and I got to my room I found the best pillow gift ever!!!  My very own framed copy of the arial view of Horseshoe Bend!!!  The photo was taken at sunset which makes it even more beautiful!  I cried when I saw the picture because now I can look at it every day and be reminded of the unbelievable journey down the Colorado River!

My loot pile is not all fitting on my shelf!  I hope I can get it all home!

…………… Until tomorrow! –  Last day at Founder’s Circle!  🙁

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