Do you remember me?  I am afraid that you won’t if I stay away much longer! lol  I have been a very crazy woman (what else is new, right?)!  Having gotten through a fabulous Thanksgiving, including a 3.5 mile run on Thanksgiving morning I have just not had a moment to sit here at the computer and share with you all!  I apologize.  I suspect that the next few days will be spotty but I am trying to get back on schedule.  This week I have had a stamping event of one sort or another every single night this week.  I am not complaining because it is what I truly LOVE doing!  Then in the midst of all of this, I have been trying to post and I have had troubles with the blog!  It keeps telling me that I have used all of my available server space!!!  So I went back a few years (in blog posts that is) and deleted my first year’s worth of posts!  That took quite some time and still wasn’t enough!  I had to actually go through all of the photos that I have uploaded and delete a bunch of them too!  I think that will hold me for a short while.

Anyway…..You may also recall that we have been in the midst of reconstructing our kitchen space.  I thought I would share some progress photos.  Of course my favorite of all of them is the Thanksgiving tables set for our special feast!  This is the first time, in my 25+ years of marriage, that ALL of the Chenail’s got to enjoy dinner in the same room and at the same table!  No kid’s table this year!

Hopefully this post reaches all of you and I am back in business!!!

………… Until next time!

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