Who wants to help me achieve my goal for this year?!!!   I need you all!  I attended an awesome class today taught by Shannon West from SU!  This class was called, “Meeting New People…Finding New Faces”.   I have a goal for this year;  I need to obtain 25 new customers this year!  This is where you come in…I am going to be offering some incentives to you so that you can help me achieve this goal!!  Keep your eyes open for my upcoming classes and camps!  If you bring a new person to the class or camp, you will receive either a discount on your class or a 2nd set of project materials for FREE!!   In addition, I have created a business Facebook page.  You can find it at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stamp-Pattys/381761131913088  Go to this page and Like It and then Share It!  You could be the lucky winner of a stamp set if you do!

Now on to more about Leadership!  Want to see more pictures?  Of course you do!

 We attended several presentations at the main stage.  The card shown here was created by SU! employee, Carrie Cudney.  Following her presentation, she gave everyone in attendance a great gift package!

 We were all treated to:

  • Parker’s Patterns DSP #131021
  • Just Thinking Stamp Set #129940

The happy recipients!

The reason we are all dressed in the same outfits is this evening event was actually a PJ party.  None of us wanted to go in our true Pj’s so we got matching T-shirts from the Tiki Bar at our condo and wore comfy black pants.  Everyone was so interested in the back of our shirts that we posed for this pic!

 Following our evening session at the Convention Center, the four of us decided to venture out and headed to Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island.  This next picture was the view from our dinner table!  We had an awesome meal at Paridiso 37 and enjoyed the view of the tethered hot air balloon and the Circque de Soleil tent.

I feasted on some great mexican food; enchiladas, cilantro rice, and black beans with LOTS of jalepenos!  Yummy!

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