Very often I am asked, “so what did you do this weekend?”  Those of you that know me know that I always have something going on!  This past Saturday, June 29, 2013 was NO exception!  I took part in a Strongman/Strongwoman fundraising event called – “50′ Closer to a Cure”.  I thought I would share some of the great photos that were captured of me in the “strongwoman” act!!  I also have a couple of videos in case you don’t get it!  lol  I participated in two events.

The first event is a seated arm over arm pull of an F350 truck.  It had to be pulled 50′.  This was the easiest of the two!

If you think your eyes are deceiving you….they’re not!  This is me in the second event!  We were put in a harness that was connected to a 44,000 pound fire truck!  This too had to be pulled for 50′!!!   Guess what,   I DID IT!!!

I thought I would leave you the videos to watch too…just in case you didn’t believe it!

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