I have to start today, Thursday, August 22, 2013 by saying Happy 26th Anniversary to my fabulous husband Paul!!  Although we have only been married for 26 years, we are nearing our 32nd anniversary as a couple!!  Life is always a new adventure with him!  I NEVER know what I am gunna get!  Here are just a few things he has done over the years:

1.  One year for Valentines day, he created a billboard – homemade from plywood and spray paint – he basically said…”Patty – after 16 years, will you still be my Valentine?”  He put it at the entrance to the highway so that then entire town could see it!

2.  He usually remembers that my birthday is on the 15th day of the month….he just never remembers what month!  This means that sometimes my birthday gets celebrated at the totally wrong time!

3.  Just last Saturday, he thought it was my birthday!  lol  I did remind him before he got out of control that he was too early but that our Anniversary was only a few days away.  Putting that into his memory bank he took me to a local car show.  When we got there he took out a table, cheddar cheese slices, crackers, a bottle of wine, and a candle!!  Yup, we sat there with about 500 on lookers watching us have a candle lit snack at a car show!  Great just to see the reactions!  

Well, enough about us!  Let me share an exciting technique with you all!  I call this my glittery napkin technique!  I think you are all gunna love it!  Watch the video and then the sample cards I have provided will make more sense!

So, now that you have seen the video and seen the samples, would you like to come to a class to do this with me?  I have had a request from many to hold a class where you can bring your own napkins and play away!!  Interested?  If so, either email me or make a post here to the blog so that I can see if there is enough interest to hold such a class!


  • Decorative Napkin(s)
  • Sizzix Sticky Sheets (12 x 12)
  • Vanilla or White Cardstock
  • VersaMark Ink
  • Heat & Stick Powder
  • Iridescent Ice Powder
  • Heat Tool

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