Wow!!  What a first day!  Can you say action packed?!!!  Many surprises and delights for sure!  At check in we received a fabulous bag!

We had a great opening session! It was so awesome to see Shelli (the CEO and Co-Founder) on stage!  For those of you that don’t know, Shelli was involved in a very serious horse riding accident back in August and she suffered very severe injuries and had to learn to walk again.  Of course she came out to a standing ovation!

General session was followed by lunch and some great classes!  After a quick jaunt back to the hotel, we were then treated to an evening at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston.

It was an incredible evening!  Food everywhere, hands-on animal exhibits to enjoy and rides!

The first cowboy I have seen here in Texas!

Chocolate covered strawberries anyone?

Our very own scuba diver promoting our Company!

Rose Ellen, Rachel, Debbie and I

A REAL White Bengal Tiger!  Did you know that only 1 in 10,000 Bengal Tigers are White?!!

Tigers!!!  O MY!!

Ice sculptures galore!

Shrimp cocktail on ice

Dessert anyone?

Houston skyline from the ferris wheel!

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