This amazing lady, Sylvia, came to a stamping class a few years ago as the result of an article that she read about me in a local newspaper.  Since that time not only did I get to introduce her to my love of paper crafting and Stampin’ Up!, but she has fast become to a very special friend to me!

She is a dedicated friend, customer, and a member of the Stamp-Patty’s team!  She has become a convention addict just like me too!

More importantly than me, she is the most favorite person to our dog, Scooby Doo!  There is something about when Sylvia arrives that Scooby just has to be with her!

Recently Scooby decided that being at Sylvia’s feet was just not good enough!  The seat next to her was available so Scooby took full advantage and decided to stamp right along with her!

Thought I would also share one of the scrapbook layouts that we recently did at our all day scrapping event!  This was one of the favorites of the day!  It is amazing how when you think outside of the box you can create sand castles using our framelits!  Take a close look at the 2nd page.  Can you tell which framelits were used?

How about the birds?  Can you tell how those were created?  I’d LOVE to see your comments on the blog!  How about a prize for the person who points out the largest number of correct answers??????  Leave a comment on the blog!!

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