Hey my friends both new and old!
It is time for our monthly Stamper’s Dozen blog hop!  If you arrived here from Judy’s or Lee’s site, WELCOME!  I am so happy to have you here!  If you are one of my regular followers, THANK YOU for coming back!  Today you are in for a treat!  It is time for the Stamper’s Dozen Blog Hop!
 This month we will all be sharing creations with babies in mind!  I don’t know about you but I have reached the age where a lot of my friends are now becoming grandparents!  Although my sweet Katelyn is approaching her 26th birthday she is not yet ready to make her dad and I part of that group!  Besides I’m not 50 until October!  Once I hit that 50 mark, I will be ready for the role of a grammie…or I’d rather be a Mimi!
Anyway, here are my projects for this month’s hop!

While I was in Salt Lake City for this year’s Inspire. Create. Share. convention I participated in a 3 x 3 love not swap.  These are four of the over 80 swaps that I received!  3 x 3 cards are the absolute perfect size for gift giving!

I’d like to give credit to Kathy H., Loretta I., Brenda U., and Charlet M. as the original creators.  I just tweeked them a bit!

My favorite is the “It’s a Girl” card in the top left.  I absolutely LOVE those new foil doilies!  Which one is your favorite?  Leave me a comment on my blog and tell me!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to scroll down and click on the next blog button to visit Lee’s site and see what she has prepared for you!

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