Good Day Everyone!!

I am thrilled that you could join me for this incredible blog hop!  This month we are all sharing our exciting adventures through many cities and/or countries of Europe and the Mediterranean! Thanks to the loyalty and hard work of my customers and downline, I was afforded the opportunity to be part of this amazing journey!

My adventure began on May 20, 2016 when my husband and I left Boston, MA en route to Dublin Ireland.  Now don’t get too excited…we didn’t actually leave the Dublin airport!  (Being a school teacher I could only take a certain amount of day off!  Believe me, if I could have, I would have really extended this trip!!)

From Dublin it was off to Barcelona, Spain.  We were able to spend a day and a half on the front side and a day and a half on the back side of our trip here!  We loved Barcelona!  Great sites, food, and the beach!We particularly LOVED the outdoor/open air markets!  We’ve never seen anything like it!  We also had the pleasure of hanging with our best pals Dawn & Richard!!

After leaving Barcelona, we boarded the ship and set sail for three stops in Italy – Naples, Pisa, Rome as well as two stops in France – Cannes, and Marseille.  While in Naples, we climbed Mount Vesuvius (an active volcano!) and then headed to Pompeii where we were able to roam the ancient city destroyed MANY years ago by the volcano.

After Naples comes Pisa!  Of course we had to get some shots of us doing our part to make it stand upright!  The back end of our Pisa tour took us to Tuscany!  If anyone knows me you know that I couldn’t leave without having gone to Wine Country!  Yup! We toured a winery and enjoyed some fabulous wines (7 to be exact) and pasta!!

On to Rome!  What would a visit to Rome be without touring the vatican and the Roman Coleseum?!  AMAZING!!!  Of course we visiting the Trev i Fountain and the Forum as well!

On to France!  I must say, my best meal was in Cannes France!  After enjoying several hours on the beach, I had the best spaghetti bolonaise I have EVER had! We sat outside at a little cafe and thoroughly enjoyed our lunch!

I could go on forever…but I’m sure you get the idea!  It was a trip of a lifetime!!  I again can not thank my customers, family, and downline for all of your loyalty and support!!  Until next time!

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