For quite some time now, my husband has been razzed or harassed by his colleagues at the Police Department about his “connection” to Stampin’ Up!  In July, we through a big Tiki themed party and of course I created the invitations.  Here is a sample:

About a week or so ago, one of the officers that works with my husband called me to say he was having a summer party and wanted to know if I could make invitations for him.  I thought about it for a minute and asked him how badly he wanted homemade invites?  He said he would really like them so I countered with, “Only if you come and make them too!”  He agreed and came willingly with his wife. 
My husband and I thought about it a little bit and brainstormed an idea for their invites.  Last Thursday, Shawn and his wife Lucy, came to our home and the four of us had our own little stampin gig!  I also told him that taking photos and being part of my blog were part of the deal!  He still agreed!!!! (Must have really wanted those hand-made invites!)
This first photo is of Shawn (left) and my husband, Paul (right) using the Colluzzle to cut life preservers for the front of the invites.
This next photo is Shawn’s lovely wife, Lucy.  This was her first Stampin’ gig too!  She got to stamp the front and inside of the invitations.
Shawn was so proud of himself!!  He couldn’t wait to show his finished products!  In two short hours we hand made all of his invitations and addressed all of the envelopes!
Word on the street is there is another officer that is having a farewell to summer party and he wants invites too!  I spoke with him yesterday and said that he has to follow Shawn’s lead!  He is thinking about it!!!  I will keep you posted!
…..Until tomorrow!

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