It’s Patty’s Daughter, Katelyn!

My mother is extremely busy playing Mrs. Claus for all you Stampin’ Up! kids, so I’ve decided to help her out with her daily blog post. And how am i supposed to help? Easy, im gunna write what she tells me. So of course i have to mention our gathering we had last night…yep we had a gathering- what else should i say about it? Well lets just say, lots of wine and good friends. 🙂 Mom was kinda (i use kinda very lightly..) exited when one of her new recruits handed her a Christmas card. I’m not into the whole “crampin’Up” stuff, but i will say this card is pretty cute. Patricia says i need to add some detail about this card..but im gunna put it in my own words to spice it up a bit. Let me demonstrate like I’m Vanna White (just imagine it for a quick sec)

Here I am holding a 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 old Olive textured card stock, embellished with a very vanilla overlay scallop. OOoo designer series paper, covered in dazzling DIAMONDS! The finishing touch is a pear pizzaz ribbon, and a Die-Cut embellishment on the bottom corner.. AMAZING!
They could hire me on the price is right. NO JOKE!

Alright, well I’m not going to drag this on longer than i have to. but my mother did tell me to thank everyone for the Christmas cards! KEEP EM’ COMMIN! They add a nice touch to the kitchen. 

She has all of your cards hanging in our kitchen!

……………………….UNTIL TOMORROW!  

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