Arrived in St. George VERY late on Tuesday night, or was it Wednesday morning?  Didn’t sleep real well but none the less I am very happy that I made the trip on Tuesday as it gave me lots of time to do what I wanted to on Wednesday.  The view of the hotel’s entrance was absolutely gorgeous! The theme of this year’s event is “Tea Shop”.   Of course I photographed it all!   I knew you all would want to see it!

I made it to my room, which of course was personalized just for me!  LOL  Didn’t sleep the greatest, but who cares.  I can sleep when I am dead.  Right now, I got lots of great stuff to experience.  I got up, had a leisurely breakfast with my friend Angie and then a 3.5 mile run.  I decided that I should officially check in for the event.  When I entered the Gathering Place this is what I saw!

I am happy to say that I did NOT indulge in those incredible cupcakes.  I did hear that they were pretty dang good though.  I then proceeded out the the swimming pool where thanks to my great friend Tee S. I had a pool float to lay in the pool with!  I hung out there for a couple hours until the thunder clouds rolled in and the rain started to come down. Was good while it lasted.

In keeping with tradition, the first night of Founder’s Circle there is a special welcome dinner.  It is a beautifully organized evening with a great dinner. When we checked in, our name badges had a team name and we had to go around and find the other 6 members of our team.  I am one of the White Gloves.  We found our table in the dining room and each of us had a beautiful china tea cup and saucer filled with fresh roses and a personalized place setting tag from the Beau Chateau collection!  Dinner was awesome!  Filet Mignon with a Bernaise sauce, mashed potatoes and fresh veggies!

Patty B., Cindy B, Kristin K., Judy G., Janet W., Linda H. and me!

After dinner, I returned to my room to find the first of my pillow gifts!!

All of my goodies after Day 1!

It is the small big shot die box full of SU! goodies!  A new stamp set that will be in the Occasions Mini Catalog, as well as a big shot product that will also be in that mini, several ink pads, clothes pin embellishments, paper daises, linen thread, package of note cards & envelopes!  Totally awesome!!!
Well I guess it is time to get some sleep!

……………… Until tomorrow!

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