October 13, 2018

As you may know, October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I’m sure that all of you know or have known someone that has stood up against the fight of breast cancer.  I know many!  A close friend of mine lost her battle several years ago; however, most of my friends have had early detection and fought long and hard and beat the cancer!!!

Giving Back

Because I have had so many friends affected by this awful disease, I am always looking for a way to give back!  This year, I am happy to be able support a friend and colleague, Becky Caya in her fight against breast cancer!  Becky is a fellow math teacher at my school (the classroom right next to mine), a mom of two elementary children, and a loving wife who was diagnosed last spring with breast cancer.  In early September she underwent a double mastectomy and is currently in the healing mode prior to radiation.  She will begin radiation in the next week or two which will take her 60+ miles from home every single day for six weeks!!!  I thought, no one should have to do that alone!  What could I do?  I decided to hold a Stamp Out Breast Cancer Event in her honor and it was a great success!  

Special Thanks

Thanks to the generosity of friends all over the United States and Canada, the event was a huge success!

I am hoping that I don’t forget anyone…. special thanks to TMS / Superintendent Smith, Jenn Barry, The Joiner Family, Maureen Boutin, Caitlyn Adler, Lucy Trudeau, Joan McClung, Patty Bennett, Shari Caspers, Susan Elise Morton, Linda Bunce, Carolyn Hansen Henderson, Kelly Acheson, Jan Farring, Cheryl Hamilton, Daune Cotter, Sandi MacIver, France Martin, Connie Babbert, Carol Payne, and Tamra Davis……

P.S.  If I still owe you kits, could you PLEASE message me! I want to pay back those that I need to! Thanks again! Here are a few photos of the event!

Due to the generosity of so many, I am currently at $1,200 to donate to Becky and her family!  I could’t be happier!


The car is packed and ready to go!






















Everyone having a great time!
























A very happy Patty & Becky!















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